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How to remove scratches from stainless steel jewelry?

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stainless steel blue earth moon necklace

We have all had this experience. We bought good-looking stainless steel jewelry, and after wearing it for 2-3 years, we found that the surface of the beautiful and bright jewelry had many small scratches, and rust, and even some of the color was dim, just like nothing. Bright and beautiful at the beginning.

If you just throw it away like this, it would be a pity. After all, you like it so much and you are eager to find a better solution than throwing it away. If you have experienced or are experiencing such a mood.

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So, you really should finish reading this article, because this article is about telling us how to remove the small scratches and rust on our stainless steel jewelry and provide us with some steps to solve our problem.

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Ways to remove small scratches

1, polishing

Polishing is a necessary way for jewelry to achieve a mirror-like shiny effect. Why many jewelry surfaces can be smooth and shiny because of the way they are polished. However, one thing to note here is that this method is only suitable for shallow, small scratches. You can remove the shallow scratches on the surface of the jewelry at home. If it is a deep, obvious scratch, it is easy to thin the jewelry or even disappear if it is processed by polishing.

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Operating tools

  • a little water
  • fine matte paper
  • Polishing wax (polishing agent)

The operation steps are as follows

  • Wet the surface of the jewelry and the matte paper with a little water.
  • Polish with moist fine sandpaper. During the sanding process, the sanding paper should be wetted, and the pressure should be kept even, along the texture of the jewelry. Because it is a small scratch, the movement should be lighter. Don’t use too much force to avoid damage to the jewelry.
  • Finally, apply polishing wax on the surface of the product ( a polishing agent is also possible ).

2, toothpaste + warm water

Operating tools:

  • Some warm water
  • Toothpaste
  • Soft towel

The steps are as follows

  • Squeeze the toothpaste onto a soft towel, spread it evenly, and then put it on the stainless steel ring or pendant, and gently wipe it back and forth on the bracelet. Can will remove stains and even rust on jewelry.
  • Wash it off with warm water. Or use toothpaste to smear the jewelry all over, wait for 10 minutes, wipe off the toothpaste, and then wash it off.
  • Jewelry has no stains and rust and restores its previous luster.

If you do this, you will find that there are still stains and rust on the jewelry that have not been removed. It doesn’t matter. You can mix a small amount of salt and a few drops of white vinegar, and apply them to the jewelry. Leave it for a few minutes, or immerse the jewelry in the mixture to effectively remove a lot of stubborn stains and rust.

Ways to remove severe scratches

If the jewelry has serious scratches, it is not recommended to deal with it personally, because we are not professional enough, and it will aggravate the problem of the jewelry. Here are three methods for reference.

1, deep repair

In this process, the maintenance technician will use the mold to electro-polishing the jewelry again or add the same material to fill up and polish it again. However, this method is more expensive and requires more time to repair. If the jewelry itself is not very expensive, the repairer will generally recommend buying a new one.

2, seek brand after-sales service

Brand jewelry generally has a warranty period. If you have just bought jewelry, you can take it back to the brand after-sales shop to apply for repair during this period. If the warranty period is over, repairs can be made with a little extra, but it will be more expensive than ordinary repair shops. It also takes a long time. Because they also took it back to the manufacturer and reprocessed it.

3, go to a professional repair shop for repairs

If we are not buying luxury brand jewelry, or our jewelry does not have a dedicated brand after-sales repair shop, this jewelry has far-reaching significance to us, and we don’t want to discard it. We can take it to a professional jewelry repair shop to repair it. Try not to choose ordinary jewelry stores or small workshops, because they are often not professional enough, and instead waste money and even damage jewelry.

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The above method is not only applicable to stainless steel jewelry, but also to gold, platinum, and silver jewelry. The specific method to be adopted depends on the severity of jewelry scratches and also needs to be combined with one’s own economic conditions.


When the jewelry has scratches, we don’t need to be too nervous. According to the above description, small scratches should be polished and polished, and serious scratches should be rebuilt or repaired in a special repair shop.

Although the most significant advantage of stainless steel jewelry compared with gold and silver jewelry is that it is easier to clean and care for, stainless steel jewelry should be maintained and cleaned at ordinary times because it can prolong the service life of the jewelry. The new one shines as brightly. If you don’t know how to clean and maintain it, you can click on ( How To Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry? ) to check it. There are detailed methods and steps.

Okay, today’s about how to remove the scratches on stainless steel jewelry. Just share it here. See you in the next article. In the next article, we will talk about how to maintain stainless steel jewelry.

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