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Designated advantages of stainless steel jewelry global partners

Chengfen jewelry is located in Chang'an, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Chang'an is the world's largest stainless steel jewelry manufacturing base and the birthplace of stainless steel jewelry.

Chengfen jewelry continues to exceed customer expectations and has grown into one of the largest stainless steel jewelry suppliers in Dongguan.


Chengfen jewelry provides high-quality stainless steel jewelry products, anti-oxidation, very durable, good rigidity, are not easy to deform, have a new look after a little polishing, easy to maintain, using special metal jewelry glue for long-lasting viscosity. Shoppers can sit back and relax because they will get the best customer service, exquisite jewelry selection, and quality in Chengfen jewelry.

Chengfen jewelry has formulated many preferential policies, rebate policies, and reward policies for our global partners.

Chengfen jewelry owns its own factory and a team of top overseas designers with a wide range of products.

Chengfen jewelry adopts the best product standards and management concepts to form a standardized metal jewelry industry.

Chengfen jewelry has strong manufacturing capabilities and can meet order requirements the first time.

Chengfen jewelry has an efficient cost and quickly occupies the market.

Designated Standards for Global Partners

Global partners need to have long-term cooperation intentions.

Global partners need to have physical stores locally.

The order quantity needs to meet the minimum standards required by Chengfen.

Global Partners has certain distribution capabilities in the local market.

Global partner application

Welcome to join and cooperate

No matter who you are, a global partner, designer, design company, or natural person. If you want to join our cooperation, you are welcome! As a business partner, Chengfen jewelry stainless steel jewelry is your most reliable choice.