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Chengfen jewelry (Abbreviation: CF JEWELRY) is a professional stainless steel jewelry manufacturer in China, a large factory engaged in OEM and ODM production and processing since 1999, 304 and 316l jewelry supplier. Our products include earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, anklets, and other custom stainless steel jewelry.

Our jewelry has been shipped to more than 100+ countries including the United States, Germany, the Philippines, and the Netherlands., good quality & service win numerous loyal customers. If you are a wholesaler, online or offline store & boutique, especially a brand owner, we can support you with high-quality wholesale & customization, please contact us and we will reply in 1~12 hours.

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Chengfen Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory

Production Process

1, The craftsmanship is exquisite, it is required to be smooth without trachoma, without unevenness, and more comfortable to wear.

2, Vacuum environmental protection electroplating, using 14k (97.5% pure gold) and 18k (99.6% pure gold), real gold protective layer, protects the skin, and the color retention time is more than 3 years.

3, Standardized workflow management, more than 30 processing steps, and more than 5 QC inspections.

4, Strict testing requirements, including water resistance and color fastness testing, ensure the durability of stainless steel jewelry.

5, The operator has more than 10 years of manual diamond setting experience to ensure quality.

Stainless steel jewelry vacuum plating process
  • R&D

    Strong R&D team

    15+ professional R&D engineers team, engaged in the jewelry industry for more than 20 years of experience. own 4000+ different design & 100+ new design monthly.

  • One-stop service

    One-stop service

    Realize your image or sample to final finished products, all processes finish in our own factory. Provide reliable service. Send us a message now.

  • SALES Team

    SALES team

    High efficient sales team reply your inquiry fast. They have strong technical knowledge, will be highly dedicated, and negotiate to the smallest detail. We have sufficient experience with many famous brands.

  • Factory


    The factory is located in Chang'an Dongguan China, the world's hardware and jewelry capital, with a plant area of 10,000 square meters. 

  • OEM and ODM capabilities

    OEM & ODM

    We have our own Designer & 3D Drawings engineer Team. Our full equipment factory accepts to make customized new design, and engrave LOGO. Welcome OEM&ODM inquiries.

  • Service response

    Service response

    Reply within 12 hours as soon as possible, with a timely response rate as high as 95%.

Steel melting and casting

Our stainless steel jewelry casting process

All products through more than 30 processing steps, 1500 degrees sintering temperature (MIM), 72 small grinding and polishing.

Stainless Steel Jewelry

As a large 316 stainless steel jewelry supplier, we provide cost-effective products. The price of stainless steel jewelry ranges from $0.1 to $5. Abundant colors include 18k gold plating, 14k rose gold plating, black plating, silver plating, uncoated steel color, etc. You can choose wholesale or custom, there will be surprise prices, satisfactory quality, and service. 

Our designer supervisor

Mathew Huang

Chengfen Jewelry Factory

If you are looking for a skilled, knowledgeable, and top-rated jewelry designer, we highly recommend Mathew Huang, With 20 years of jewelry design experience, he has worked for several large custom jewelry manufacturers, specializing in OEM/ODM jewelry.

Our marketing supervisor

Angela wang

Chengfen Jewelry Factory

If you want to know what is fashioned of stainless steel jewelry, and the marketing volume, you can consult Angela Wang. She has 13 years of experience in jewelry market development, understands fashion trends, and grasps global market dynamics.

Our business team

Our professional business team, with an average of 6+ years of jewelry sales experience. We can answer all professional questions. We are proud of having such a strong team. Send us a message now, and we will reply within 12 hours.



Supervisor/Business Group 1

Donnie Yan

Donnie Yan

Supervisor/Business Group 2



Supervisor/Business Group 3

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