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How to Care for Stainless Steel Jewelry?

stainless steel silver angel necklace
stainless steel silver angel necklace

Stainless steel jewelry-the texture is very tough, but it is very corrosion-resistant, Not prone to allergic reactions like copper jewelry, Will not turn black as easily as silver jewelry, and it will not be toxic due to lead in alloy jewelry, while stainless steel jewelry Always maintains its own color tone for life at room temperature.

It is made of stainless steel from the inside to the outside. Through the artificial sweat test, the conclusion is that it is completely non-corrosive, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, does not change color, does not fade, is not allergic, does not deform, is hard, and is bright. The human body will not produce any side effects and harmless green high-end environmental protection accessories.

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High-grade steel jewelry is usually made of 316l material, 316l stainless steel was previously mainly used in medicine, high-end watches, and industry. In recent years, it has gradually become the mainstream material for fashion accessories and has become one of the favorites of fashionable young people and white-collar workers.

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So, does it need maintenance? The answer is: yes, any jewelry needs maintenance. However, stainless steel bracelets are not easy to corrode, not easy to oxidize, and not easy to produce scratches, so the maintenance is very simple.

Stainless Steel Roman Numeral Ring

often use a cotton cloth to clean and wipe, and the stolen goods that can’t be wiped off can be handled with toothpaste.

If the gloss is dull, you can rub it with toothpaste and it will be very bright.

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Stainless Steel Jewelry Care method

1, most jewelry (including valuable jewelry) is afraid of contact with acid and alkali, chemicals, and washing items. Please avoid contact with chemicals.

2, accessories should not be worn before makeup.

3, avoid violent collision and friction, so as not to scratch the jewelry.

4, for your safety, please remove the accessories when you sleep.

5, it is not suitable to wear when taking a bath, so as to avoid losing the jewelry when it becomes slippery in water.

6, usually prepare a few more accessories and change them frequently.

7, avoid contact with these things; keep them sealed when not wearing them.

8, Don’t wear the same accessory for a long time. Try to avoid mixing and storing multiple pieces of metal jewelry.

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Chengfen Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory Tips

1, please remove the jewelry before going to bed, use a soft cloth to gently wipe away the perspiration and dust on the jewelry, and put it in the jewelry box for storage.

2, please spare multiple sets of accessories to change the belt, which can give people a refreshing feeling every day, and can also maintain the accessories very well.

3, stay away from the ocean because the ocean is full of salt. For any type of metal, salt is the worst.

4, When cleaning the stainless steel surface, you must be careful not to scratch the surface. Avoid using bleaching ingredients and abrasive detergents, steel balls, abrasive tools, etc. To remove the detergent, rinse the surface with clean water after washing.

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Stainless steel jewelry has the characteristics of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, not easy to oxidize and fade, so it does not need frequent care, but try to avoid storing it in a damp place, usually wipe it with a cleaning cloth or toothpaste to maintain its gorgeous surface and extend its useful life.

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