How to make stainless steel jewelry?

Stainless steel necklace
Stainless steel necklace

Stainless steel jewelry has many advantages, Compared with copper and alloys, it has strong corrosion resistance and is not easy to rust. At the same time, it will

not cause allergic reactions to the human body, and it is environmentally safe. Compared with gold and silver jewelry, it saves a lot of maintenance troubles, Even if you don’t do any operation, its luster can be maintained for a long time, just like new ones. The more important point is that it is economical and can handle a variety of Style designs.

Chengfen jewelry has been focusing on stainless steel jewelry production for 13 years, with exquisite design and high quality. The cool style of jewelry created by its unique metal texture is also favored and sought after by young people who are pursuing individuality.

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Now, whether in life or on the Internet, many people are asking themselves whether they can DIY stainless steel jewelry. Of course, it is possible, whether it is necklaces, pendants, rings, or bracelets, as long as the tools and materials are ready, we can start to make our own stainless steel jewelry.

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You can use stainless steel spoons to make rings, steel wire to make bracelets, and steel plates to make necklaces, and you can also use other materials to make earrings, such as pearls, leather, wood chips, etc. Now let us learn.

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How to make a spoon ring out of stainless steel?

The required props are as follows

Ring made from coffee spoon
Ring made from a coffee spoon

1. Goggles

2. A stainless steel spoon with a pattern you like

3. (fine) file or hacksaw

4. A piece of paper (or a string)

5. Ring mandrel

6. Matte paper

7. Alum, water

8. Stainless steel cooking bowl

9. Rubber hammer

10. Magnetic polishing machine and magnetic powder polishing

11. Rubber grinding needle

12. Cloth wheel, polishing wax

The production steps are as follows

1. Before starting the production, we can wear the goggles to prevent the metal slag from entering your eyes accidentally in the process of making the ring later.

2. Use a piece of paper (or a piece of string) to wrap the finger where you are about to wear the ring, mark it with a stroke, and then use a ruler to accurately measure the size of your finger.

3. With the help of a ring mandrel, bend the handle of the spoon into a ring shape (note that it must fit the size of your finger), and use a file (or a hacksaw) to cut off the excess part.

4. Use abrasive paper (or fine file) to polish the cutting area to make it smooth. When we do this step, we must be careful not to hurt our hands.

5. After polishing, we put in the ring mandrel and use a rubber hammer to trim it into a ring shape.

6. Put the white alum, water, and ring into a stainless steel bowl. boiled. Complete the cleaning of the ring.

7. Put the ring into the magnetic polishing machine and add the magnetic polishing powder at the same time.

8. After polishing, use rubber to polish the needle to polish the surface and inside of the ring until it is smooth.

9. Finally, use a cloth wheel and polishing wax to polish it to make it smoother. This process is essential, because rings, necklaces, and bracelets can be as smooth and shining as a mirror. There is the step of polishing.

10. A unique and fashionable stainless steel ring is complete.


During the production process, if you accidentally make the ring bigger, you can use a file to cut the ring, then use the ring mandrel to cut off the excess part, then use a welding machine to weld it back, and then re-polishing. On the contrary, if you make the ring smaller, then after cutting the ring, measure the size to be increased, add a metal block to the cutting opening, then repair the welding, and then re-grind and polish.

How to make stainless steel wire bracelet?

The required props are as follows

Bracelet made of steel rope
Bracelet made of steel rope

1. Steel wire cable

2. 2-3 nuts

3. Heat shrinkable tube

4. Hot air gun (candle)

5. Alcohol, cloth towels

The production steps are as follows

1. Twist and twist multiple cables to each other. The length of the cable needs to consider the circumference of your wrist. It is recommended to be longer so that you don’t need to wear it too tightly to your wrist.

2. Pick 2-3 nuts and thread them into the wound cable (the nuts can be the same size or different sizes. It depends on personal preference).

3. Put a heat-shrinkable tube on the head and end of the cable to connect the head and tail of the bracelet to form a closed circle.

4. Use a heat gun (if not available, candles can be used) to slowly heat the heat shrink tube to shrink it and lock the joint tightly. Be careful not to burn out the heat shrink tube during this process.

5. After the heat shrinkable tube is cooled and hardened. Wet a corner of a cloth towel with alcohol and carefully wipe the surface of the bracelet.

6. A cool and special stainless steel cable bracelet is complete.

How to make stainless steel necklace?

The required props are as follows

Necklace made of steel plate
Necklace made of steel plate

1. Stainless steel metal plate

2. Pencil (printer, paper)

3. Saw blade (tin scissors)

4. Matte paper

5. Stone hammer, small nail

6. Steel ball chain (ribbon or silk rope)

7. Welding machine (lighter)

The production steps are as follows

1. Prepare a stainless steel metal plate and draw the pattern of the pendant accessories you want. If you don’t know how to draw, you can print out the pattern on paper and stick it on the metal plate.

2. Use a saw blade to cut the shape of the pattern along the edge of the pattern. (If you don’t have a saw blade, you can use tin snips).

3. Use sandpaper to grind off the sharp and rough edges and surfaces of the accessories. If you want to further polish, you can also use polishing wax.

4. Put a small nail on the top of the pendant, and then use a stone hammer to knock out a small hole. Then sand the inside and outside of the small hole with sandpaper.

5. Cut the steel ball chain with scissors, then insert the accessories, and then use a welder to weld the ends of the steel ball chain. (If you don’t have welding tools, you can also use a beautiful ribbon or wire rope, cut it with scissors, and then use a lighter to burn the ribbon or wire rope to connect the ends).

6. A unique stainless steel necklace with a pendant is completed.

How to make stainless steel earrings?

The required props are as follows

Wooden earrings
Wooden earrings
Quilling paper earrings
Quilling paper earrings
Ribbon beaded earrings
Ribbon beaded earrings
Metal earrings
Metal earrings
Leather earrings
Leather earrings
Lace earrings
Lace earrings
Hard paper earrings
Hard paper earrings

1. Beautiful beads (such as pearls)

2. Stainless steel chain

3. Stainless steel buckle

4. Earring nails

5. Needle-nose pliers

The production steps are as follows

1. Use pliers to cut out two short and long chains of the same length.

2. Choose two stainless steel chains of different lengths, nail the stainless steel chains and earrings, and fasten them with stainless steel buckles.

3. Take out a bead and use needle-nose pliers to firmly combine the stainless steel buckle with the bead. Make sure that the beads do not fall out here.

4. Finally, buckle the metal chain and the beads together.

5. A pair of unique stainless steel earrings is completed.


Many people have sensitive skin. Therefore, when making earrings or other jewelry, try not to use copper, alloys, etc., and it is recommended to use 316 stainless steel (commonly known as “medical grade stainless steel”, suitable for humans). It is very suitable for people with sensitive skin, it is very comfortable to wear and will not cause itching.


Today we learned how to make stainless steel rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces with pendants. After reading these, do you want to make your own exclusive accessories? Try it now, if the above methods are helpful to you, don’t forget to tell me, see you in the next article.

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