How to Polish Stainless Steel Jewelry?

stainless steel ring women
stainless steel ring women

Polishing is the most important part of the surface treatment process of stainless steel jewelry. It is an important process in the production of stainless steel jewelry. The surface of the polished jewelry should be extremely bright. Under the refraction of the light, it can emit light that is not inferior to diamonds. Only when it reaches the mirror surface The sparkling effect can attract the attention of customers.

What is stainless steel jewelry polishing

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Polishing is a general term for smoothing and polishing the surface of stainless steel jewelry. It uses chemical, mechanical or electrochemical action to reduce the roughness of the surface of stainless steel jewelry, resulting in a bright and smooth surface. During this process, appropriate polishing tools, sandpaper or other polishing media will be used.

The polishing medium is usually polishing paste, which can quickly remove scratches on the surface of stainless steel jewelry, If used correctly, metal surfaces can be sanded to a very smooth finish.

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6 ways to operate the polishing process

A. Chemical polishing. Using a chemical medium, the protruding part of the surface is dissolved to obtain a smooth surface. The main advantage of this method is that it does not require complex equipment, can polish workpieces with complex shapes, and can polish many workpieces at the same time, with high efficiency.

B. Electrolytic polishing. The principle is the same as chemical polishing, which selectively dissolves tiny protrusions on the surface of the material, thereby making the surface smooth. But compared with chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing can eliminate the influence of cathodic reaction, and the effect is better.

C. Mechanical polishing. The polishing method is to obtain a smooth surface by cutting, plastic deformation of the surface of the material, and removing the convex part. The polishing method is mainly manual operation, and tools such as sandpaper and whetstone strips are often used.

D. Fluid polishing. The surface of the stainless steel jewelry is washed with a liquid that flows at a high speed and carries abrasive particles, so as to achieve the purpose of polishing the surface.

E. Magnetic grinding and polishing. Using magnetic abrasives, under the action of a magnetic field, an abrasive brush is formed to grind the workpiece. High efficiency and good product quality.

F. Ultrasonic polishing. As the name implies, the use of ultrasonic oscillations makes abrasives grind and polish the surface of stainless steel jewelry. This method will not cause deformation of the workpiece, but it is difficult to install and make tooling.

The specific steps of polishing

In order to achieve a qualified stainless steel jewelry that can attract consumers, it generally needs to go through three processes of rough throwing, medium throwing and fine throwing. All three processes need to start the polishing motor, install the polishing wheel, apply polishing wax, and then polish.

A. The first is rough throw. Throw away the obvious pliers, dents, burrs and dark parts left by welding to realize the basic smoothness, smooth lines and smooth arcs on the surface of the jewelry. Coarse tossing is an important basis for medium and fine tossing.

B. The second is the medium toss. It is to polish the rough-polished product again. During this process, the requirements for polishing increase. Most of the unsmooth subtleties need to be thrown away. When polishing, try to make the product parallel to the polishing wheel, hold the product tightly with both hands and follow the wheel moving direction from top to bottom, otherwise the workpiece will easily bounce.

C. The last is fine throwing. Only through fine polishing can the surface finish of stainless steel jewelry be stronger, and the mirror reflection effect can be achieved. In this process, care needs to be taken, and the force should be small and uniform at the same time.

Standard for Polished Stainless Steel Jewelry

①Styling, overall beautiful appearance, clear alternation of surface lines, coordination and symmetry, prominent theme, strong three-dimensional sense, and distinct layers.

② The inlaid diamonds are firm and flat, beautiful and upright, and the claws, teeth and edges should be neat and smooth.

③Ring jewelry has no turning tool marks, sand holes, sandpaper marks, etc. The ring ring is uniform in thickness, the width changes smoothly, and the edge of the ring is smooth. The rotatable ring is flexible.

④ The surface is smooth and clean like a mirror, the sanding surface is uniform, the lines are obvious, and the direction should be consistent.

⑤ The pendant pendants are coordinated, smooth, without pitting, barbs and acute angles.

⑥ The buckle is tight and the shrapnel is elastic, which is convenient for taking off and wearing.

⑦The links of bracelets and necklaces are welded firmly, without barbs and welding marks; the overall stretching is smooth, and the vertical and horizontal are consistent.

⑧ The pendant of the earring is facing forward, the pendant chain has no welding marks, and the overall coordination is beautiful.

⑨ The length and thickness of the pins of the earrings should meet the production requirements and be welded firmly, and fit with the ear buckles properly.

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Through this article, we can understand that polishing is an important means to make jewelry achieve a mirror-like reflective effect, and it is divided into three levels of coarse, medium and fine polishing. Common polishing methods include electrolytic polishing, mechanical polishing, fluid polishing, magnetic polishing, chemical polishing and ultrasonic polishing. Either way, it needs to meet certain quality standards before it can be called qualified stainless steel jewelry. The stainless steel jewelry produced by Chengfen Jewelry has a special person to conduct QC testing on it. Only qualified and high-quality products can be sent to customers. Customers can buy with confidence and wear them happily. It is the belief of Chengfen Bida. Jewelry making experience, trustworthy.

I hope this article is helpful to you. If you want to know more about stainless steel jewelry, please send a private message. See you in the next article.

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