How to identify stainless steel jewelry?

As a stainless steel jewelry manufacturer with 14 years of professional experience, now let me share our experience. If you are new to stainless steel jewelry, first of all, you need to understand what stainless steel jewelry is, how it is made, what shapes it has, and what colors and decorations it has, with these, you can roughly know what jewelry is stainless steel, and then through Professional identification methods for further verification will save a lot of time.

Stainless Steel Jewelry
Stainless Steel Jewelry


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What is stainless steel jewelry? Learn more…

Stainless steel jewelry is mainly made of high-quality 304, and 316 stainless steel materials. The factory will purchase a stainless steel board, tube to do cutting, CNC milling, drilling, polishing, PVD IP plating, stick stones, accessories, and packing to finish jewelry. The jewelry is made of safe stainless steel material, which is not tarnished, corrode, Nickel Free, or Lead-Free. Good design stainless steel jewelry is elegant and luxurious, used on occasions such as Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Party, Wedding…

Tree of life jewelry display set

How to make stainless steel material for jewelry? Learn more…

Knowing how to make stainless steel material for jewelry, can help us identify stainless steel jewelry. I’d like to introduce our production steps.

1. Factory mainly purchase stainless steel board and tube as jewelry material. We will check the material report, so this we can control the material resource to make sure they are qualified to pass the final test.

2. After getting the material, we will do the cutting, and CNC milling process for the raw jewelry. All processes are machine automation and semi-automation. We have 20-year skillful engineers who input operational instructions to the machine program and adjust the machine to cut in perfect shape. So dear clients should understand us, MOQ 50pcs is very low qty for trial order.

14k rose gold engravable bar jewelry set

In every batch production order, we make huge qty to control the low production cost. So we have some warehouses to store the raw jewelry with current fashion sizes for rings, earrings, bracelets, and so on. We invite you to visit our sample room, warehouse, and production factory by video call.

What are the different jewelry shapes made of stainless steel?

1) Stainless steel sheet shape is mainly cut and processed to the pendant.


Men's cutting pendant
Men’s cutting pendant
Women's cutting pendant
Women’s cutting pendant

2) Steel sheet cut then bend to the curve shape.

Stainless steel jewelry cut into curved shapes-1
Stainless steel jewelry cut into curved shapes-1
Stainless steel jewelry cut into curved shapes-2
Stainless steel jewelry cut into curved shapes-2

3) Steel tube or half tube cut then make the rings or earrings.

Half pipe cut into earrings
Half pipe cut into earrings
Steel pipe cut into rings
Steel pipe cut into rings

4) Stainless steel melt then use mold tool to make the irregular shape, Learn more about the casting process of stainless steel jewelry.

Cast stainless steel jewelry with irregular shapes-1
Cast stainless steel jewelry with irregular shapes-1

Above you can see some designs made of stainless steel. The based material is steel, after do polish, they very shine.

How is the stainless steel jewelry color?

We may see some different colors of stainless jewelry. The basic material is steel color. There are also other colors. Such as 14K gold color, 18k gold color, 24k gold color, rose gold color, blue color, gun color, black color, and so on.

We can do PVD(Physical Vapor Deposition) plating to make these colors. Normally the thickness of the plating layer is about 0.05mm. But we can make as customers demand. We ensure the plating color won’t fade for 1~3 years.

stainless steel ring color
stainless steel ring color
stainless steel earring color
stainless steel earring color

To ensure the color does not fade, we will do the Salt Spray Test as follows:

Method: In the salt spray test machine, use a hook or basket to hold the jewelry, condition, and result as follows.

Test classSalt DensityTest timeResult
Beach Environment5%24hNo red rust
Not Beach Environment1%24hNo red rust

How to decorate stainless steel into elegant and luxurious jewelry?

We have more and more clients exploring stainless steel jewelry. Due to the stable high-quality and also cost is good. Also, the good design jewelry is elegant and luxurious, so they are very popular and withing growing large demand in the market.

Beautiful unfolds into the numberless flowers of spring,

Beautiful waves in the branches of trees and the green blades of grass,

Beautiful haunts the depths of the earth and the sea…

Beautiful in the clouds, the stars, the sun-rising, sun-setting, and also in our jewelry workers’ hearts, hands…

Our skillful workers decorate the jewelry with beautiful love, we stick stones, zircon, pearl, and acrylic decoration, and do black enamel to highlight the font and shape.

To protect the jewelry’s elegance and luxury, we do the hand-working carefully. Nobody touches, no collision operation, high package method.

After understanding these, I believe that everyone has a preliminary understanding of stainless steel jewelry.

How to identify stainless steel jewelry? There are four main identification methods to share:

1. Magnet detection method

The chemical composition of stainless steel is complex, and the processing technology is different. It is inaccurate and unrealistic to use a simple method to detect.

Stainless steel can change the magnetic characteristics of stainless steel through demagnetization or magnetization process, and it is inaccurate to test with a magnet alone. Usually, cheap stainless steel can be demagnetized to pretend to be high-quality stainless steel; at the same time, high-quality stainless steel sometimes needs to be magnetic to increase operability.

2. copper sulfate identification method

The method is to remove the oxide layer on the steel, put a drop of water, and wipe it with copper sulfate. or low alloy steel.

3. Reagent detection method

This is a fast detection method, which uses several detection reagents to detect the content range of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum in stainless steel.

The advantages are: convenient, fast and basically accurate.

The disadvantage is: there is a deviation in the operation, and the test results can only be used for rough judgment, not as a precise conclusion.

4. Accurate judgment

If it is necessary to make accurate model judgments on stainless steel samples, it is necessary to send the samples to a testing institution with corresponding qualifications for testing, in order to obtain an authoritative conclusion.

Laboratory testing institutions conduct testing

We can do the test to identify the stainless steel and even distinguish the 304 and 316 materials in our laboratory lab. Send us your sample, we can identify whether it’s 304 or 316 material. There’s also a third-party issue in the report.

Third-party material test report
Third-party material test report

BTW Our high-quality stainless steel can PASS the REACH test. Stainless steel jewelry doesn’t tarnish or corrode, they can use as a daily-use appliance, dinnerware, and especially surgical instruments. Also, stainless steel is very safe to use as jewelry.

REACH test report (1)
REACH test report (1)
REACH test report (2)
REACH test report (2)


Through this article, you have learned a lot about the identification methods of stainless steel jewelry. If you have other identification methods, please leave a message for everyone to learn together, thank you. Also, if you need custom stainless steel jewelry, please tell us your requirements through the contact form below, we will reply to you within 12 hours.

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