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Cubic zirconia VS diamond VS crystal – 10 major differences you should know

Cubic zirconia, diamond, and crystal are all popular gemstone materials used in jewelry making. While they may look similar, there are significant differences in their physical properties, appearance, and value. In this article, we will discuss the 10 major differences between cubic zirconia, diamond, and crystal.

1, Chemical composition

Cubic zirconia is composed of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), while diamond is composed of carbon (C), and crystal is composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2). The chemical composition of these three gemstones affects their physical properties.

2, Hardness

Diamond is the hardest of the three gemstones, scoring a perfect 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. Cubic zirconia has a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, while crystal has a hardness of 7. This means that diamond is more scratch-resistant than cubic zirconia and crystal.

3, Refractive index

The refractive index of a gemstone is a measure of how much light is bent or refracted as it passes through the gemstone. Cubic zirconia has a higher refractive index than diamond, which means it reflects more light and has more brilliance. Crystal has a lower refractive index than both diamond and cubic zirconia.

4, Color

Diamonds are often colorless or have a faint yellow tint, while cubic zirconia and crystal can come in a range of colors. Cubic zirconia can be made to imitate the color of many different gemstones, while crystal can be found in a range of colors including clear, smoky, and purple.

5, Use in jewelry

Diamonds are most commonly used in engagement rings and other fine jewelry, while cubic zirconia and crystal are often used in fashion jewelry and costume jewelry. Cubic zirconia is also sometimes used as a diamond substitute.

6, Origin

Most diamonds come from Africa and Russia, while cubic zirconia is mainly produced in the United States, Australia, and Canada. Crystal can be found all over the world, including in Brazil, China, and the United States.

7, Price

Diamonds are the most expensive of the three gemstones, followed by cubic zirconia and then crystal. The price of a diamond can vary greatly depending on factors such as its size, color, and clarity.

The price of diamonds comes from the rarity achieved by centuries of unscrupulous monopoly over diamond mining by a few companies, making cubic zirconia more attractive to contemporary buyers.

8, Durability

Diamond is the most durable of the three gemstones, followed by cubic zirconia and then crystal. While all three gemstones are relatively hard, they can still be damaged if subjected to enough force.

9, Care and maintenance

Cubic zirconia, diamonds and crystals all require regular cleaning to maintain their appearance and luster. But they are cleaned slightly differently. Cubic zirconia and crystals can be cleaned with warm water and soap, or with a professional jewelry cleaner. Diamonds, however, require cleaning with dissolving alcohol and a soft brush to avoid scratches or abrasions.

Because of their preciousness and durability, diamonds are more expensive to repair and maintain than cubic zirconia and crystals. If a diamond has suffered severe wear or damage, repairs can be expensive. In comparison, cubic zirconia and crystal are low maintenance and upkeep.

10, Treatment

Cubic zirconia may be treated to enhance its color or clarity, while diamonds and crystals are typically not treated. Heat treatment can be used to improve the color of cubic zirconia, while chemical treatments can be used to create different colors.

In conclusion, while cubic zirconia, diamond, and crystal may look similar at first glance, there are significant differences in their properties, appearance, and value. Diamonds are the most expensive and durable of the three gemstones, while cubic zirconia and crystal are more affordable and may require more maintenance. It is important to consider these differences when choosing a gemstone for jewelry or other decorative purposes.

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