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Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts
Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts

When you are worried about which ornaments to sell at different festivals, come here, We are a stainless steel jewelry wholesaler and manufacturer, our designers will design personalized ornaments of various crafts according to different festival trends to meet your needs. we also publish company news here, welcome to subscribe.

Process flow of stainless steel jewelry casting

The stainless steel jewelry casting process usually produces irregularly shaped jewelry, including gothic rings, pendants, bracelets, and other special-shaped pieces. Simply put, a mold is used to solidify the molten steel to obtain a casting, and finally, the mold is polished, electroplated, and assembled into jewelry. 1. Plate Making Lost wax casting requires wax plates, and …

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Stainless steel jewelry manufacturer

We are one of the professional manufacturers of wholesale stainless steel jewelry in China and have been a 304 and 316l stainless steel jewelry supplier since 1999, providing customized men’s and women’s jewelry services to brands and wholesalers through our own steel jewelry factory. Our products include earrings, rings, bangles, necklaces, anklets, and other stainless …

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